Ernst & Young

Canberra | environmental graphics

  • An EY 'output' inclusive of motivational quote. 

  • Key brand elements formed the basis of the graphic interpretation at EY Canberra.

  • Imagery sourced through EY's global library celebrated key moments within the tenancy.

  • The break out area graphic. 

  • Neschen environmental sensitive wallpaper graphics.

  • The colour palette selected was in keeping with EY brand colours and sympathetic to the palette designed by the interior architect.

Working with the lead interior architect, and the internal Ernst & Young property and branding teams, the environmental graphics component of the new fit-out complemented the architectural elements whilst showcasing striking Ernst & Young branded elements. This was the first fit-out for Ernst & Young following a global rebranding and has lead to further EY engagements for pearshop.

Artwork and photography reproduced for self promotion purposes only. Copyright  vests with our client.