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The Price for Progress | branding, campaigns

  • The identity.

  • Press advertisement for the ANZAC bridge roadworks.

  • Press advertisement for the Sydney Harbour bridge roadworks.

  • The launch of the campaign.

  • Press advertisements showing different roadwork projects' creative.

  • Display board for the Sydney Harbour bridge roadworks.

The Price for Progress campaign was undertaken due to significant projects to Sydney’s main roads within a 12 month period. The major projects included the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Anzac Bridge, M2, M5 and ED. The intended projects on some of Sydney’s key roads,  necessitated a press and online campaign in order to notify motorists of the effects these projects will have on their travels during the period.

The largest sub-campaign undertaken was for the re-surfacing of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which was the first time the Bridge had been re-waterproofed and re-surfaced in its 80 year history.

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